Apr. 14th, 2017 06:28 pm
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I'm new here and still trying to figure out how DW works. Most of people/community I know starting to move from LJ to DW.

I'm using the same username as in LJ. I'm hoping that the fandom can still be active in DW. To all arashi/JE fans, yoroshiku ne.
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I've just watched HNA XDD..been waiting to watch this episode coz i've ridden the Fujiyama roller coaster and wanted to know whether Jun rode this roller coaster or not. It turns out to be the No 1 in Top 10 XDD!!...I went to FujiQ last december but only managed to ride 1 roller coaster coz i arrived there quite late.I wanted to ride the Eejanaika roller coaster coz it looked scarier than the Fujiyama, but that roller coaster was not operating on that day.


Scene DVD

Jan. 27th, 2011 11:16 am
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Its been a while since my last post in lj.as usual i'm lazy to write anything even tho sometimes i had something to share ^^.but now i'm a bit hyper coz i just got my copy of scene dvd yesterday...yeah!!i dun want to comment anything about the concert coz i know all of u had watched it and all of us have a same thought ---> the concert was awesome XD.i took several pics from the booklet and wanted to share them here..

p/s:sorry for the quality.i dun hav a scanner and just took a quick snap before hurriedly watched the concert.huhu..

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I read nino’s interview in spur magazine a couple of days ago.among arashi members, i enjoy reading nino’s solo interview the most(i luv nino’s interview series in MORE magazine).i always wonder what is nino’s true character.He’s indeed the most unpredictable among them.even tho he seem to be bratty in front of camera,but i think he’s the type that doesnt hurt anyone feeling in real life.he talked seriously when he’s doing his solo interview and became the bratty nino when there’s arashi member around him.even tho he always said that he’s never/rarely treat his kouhai/friends, i believe he’s not stingy(especially to his gf ^^).*i read from somewhere that he didnt switch on the lamp in his house because he can just used the light from street lamp..yeah but i dun believe u ninomiya kazunari.why were u making such statement?dun wanna increase ur fan list?i know ur friends/staffs like u.why?because u r a nice person right?*.i do think that he is a genius!!he can do whatever he wants without trying so hard*at least thats what he shows us*.his multi-talent always amazed me XD..*acting,capibility to play lots of music instruments/singing/composed songs,play his character in drama/movies and change back to his own character in a second,magic,play a game and at the same time listened to the conversation around him,and the list goes on..*

Owh back to the interview..(why i'm praising this man so much?its simple,coz i luv him even tho not as much as my jun jun XD..).what’s really touched my heart while reading this interview was the fact that arashi fight with their management to lower the price of their latest album despite of many songs included in this album.they didnt think about their own profit but our happiness(yup the feeling of being able to buy their CDs/concert goods is a pure happiness ^^),they dun want us to work hard just for the reason to save money to buy their CDs.<-johnny san please read this interview..u r the one who makes our saving become less and less every month..so please reduce their goods price.What makes me proud of being arashi’s fan is the fact that they love each other and their fans so much.they make us feel like they r our close friends.they even want to be part of our live XDD.they really work hard even tho they r at the top of their career right now coz they want us to be satisfied with their work.thank you arashi for being urself and work hard to make us happy ^^..thank u for bringing the rainbow into our life.ur work ethic (& ur songs) really influence us to work hard and motivate us to achieve our goal in life.i will always support u guys..
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I went to Hong Kong last week and came back to malaysia on wednesday. It was an awesome 5 days trip.i went to Disneyland, Ocean Park, Avenue of Stars,Mongkok,Kowloon and Macau(to ride on a gondola ^^).my original plan was to go to all the tourist attraction but i dun wanna miss the opportunity to buy arashi goods while i’m in HK(i know HK has lotsa japanese stuff).so i went to search for the stuff on my last day in HK(i missed the chance to go to madame taussauds but i dun care ^^).

After breakfast, i walked to Sino Centre(not so far from my hotel, just 3/4 blocks away) but i'm a bit frustrated coz the mall will only be opened at 11 am and i had to wait(i thought the mall opening hour was same as in Malaysia *10am*). At 11 am, there were only 2 shops opened and the shop owner said the rest of the shops will be opened at 1 pm *sigh*.so i just bought arashi’s CDs and DVD from that shop and decided to go somewhere else before went back to sino centre so that i can buy more arashi stuff.after tour,i arrived at the hotel around 5pm (i asked my friends to wait for me at the hotel) and rushed to Sino Centre as we need to gather at the airport around 7pm (we were divided into 2 groups-1 group went to madame taussauds and 1 group were free to go anywhere).in sino centre i found lotsa magazines/photobooks which were cheaper compare to here,in malaysia and lotsa arashi’s CDs and DVDs.i went crazy and bought lotsa stuff (i wish i could bought more but i didnt brought enough money).i totally forgot that i had limited time and bam!!its almost 6.20pm.i ran back to the hotel and found that all my friends (yup both groups) were already waited for me in front of the hotel.they were really mad at me and almost went to malaysia embassy coz they thought that i’m lost.huhu..sorry guys..that’s the impact on arashi’s fans when we saw lotsa arashi’s stuff-we forgot about other things ^^.luckily my friends already check in for me and we safely arrived at the airport on time.the best part was our flight was delayed!!*mr pilot knows that i need more time to spend my money..thank u..*.here's the pics of CDs/DVD/mags that i managed to get in hk ^^

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Tomorrow gonna be the celebration of Eid Ul Fitr..Selamat Hari Raya minna...Maaf zahir & batin.i’m going back to ‘kampung‘ tomorrow.well its not really kampung as my grandparents house is actually a terrace house ^^.

Gud news*for me ^^*...I just received my concert goods today. I took some pictures and thot wanna share some here.*just manage to upload a few..my internet connection hates me T_T*

I also upload some pictures from Jun’s birthday bash..too lazy to upload them last week. The celebration was fun and i’m happy to meet some awsome arashi’s fans..really glad i’m into this fandom as i can get new friends to fangirling..arashi and their fans hontou ni sugoii ^^

Melted icecream cake


chocolates ^^

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OMG!!Arashi in a text book...now i wanna be a high school girl again ^^... i wonder if our government would do the same(which i doubt it myself)..it is the most effective way to get the students to read a text book ne(go to ministry of education with proposal in hand^^). Us, as a fangirl had always dreaming of a subject called ‘Arashi’ that we managed to excell and get A+ for that subject..now we know that the dream had a chance to come true(i now it's ridiculous,but who knows it might also happen ^^)..uwah..students in japan are really lucky ne..i never thot this would happen.. Arashi really had a strong influence that the government themselves believed in arashi’s capability to get the students to read that text book (it stated that the book contain long articles with difficult words).. i’m really proud of them*cries n hugs them*
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Letter to Jun-kun..

My Dear Jun,

Happy birthday dear.. I hope you had a great birthday this year and may all your wishes come true..I’ll pray for your happiness..Hontou ni..even that’s mean you’ll find your soul mate and getting married*cries with happiness..yeah I’m trying to cheat myself here, but as long as you are happy, I’m happy *..these past few years has been my happiest years since I’ve known you and Arashi..I’ve found my source of happiness.each time I feel sad or broken down, I’ll watch your show and laugh out loud to lessen my sadness..you live far away from me yet I feel you are so close to my heart*along with other members*..I hope you also have your own source of happiness. I know you had gone through many difficulties being in the industry..you always smile to pleased your fan even though we never know what’s inside your heart..Keep on your hard work but at the same time please take care of your health. don’t ever forget that your fans will always support you..and finally thanks for being you*sexy,adorkable,cute,handsome,beautiful and the list goes on....* and for baited me into arashi fandom!! You will always be my ichiban..


Haha..what’s up with this letter and me being emotional.am i turning into Aiba? ^^ I guess it is because today my heart is full of happiness and grateful feeling that makes me wanna cry..*see i’m not good at words/expressing my feeling*

Ok!!..*switch on to genki mode*..because today is Jun’s birthday and I dun have enough money to buy a fancy present for our Jun-Sama, so I decide to make chocolates. I luv both Jun and chocolate, so this would be a perfect give. Ready.. here we go..

yes!! I luv you..should i sing the one love song *hyaku nen saki mo ai wo chikau yo kimi wa boku no subete sa*..lalala..lalala..

Happy birthday my dear..*love choco with concert colour^^*

I made extra choco for our boys ^^

So for those who can attend tomorrow’s celebration, you can eat those chocolates. I’ll bring them tomorrow ^^..see you..

p/s:wanna start to overdose myself with awesome jun’s picture collection.yay!!!
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Yay..we're approaching Jun's birthday!! So Jun's wifey,wanna celebrate it together? *raise your hands* ^^

Next tuesday (31st August), me and salwa are planning to buka puasa to celebrate Jun's birthday..anyone wanna join us? you can pm or call me at 012-2640040, or contact salwa at 012-3214532 (in case we need to book place or else you can just walk in ^^). Any suggestions are most welcome.Details will be updated soon..hope to see you..
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Yay its Jun’s month!!many happy things happen this month. I had my convocation (finally), received my copy of Arashi’s album and its Ramadhan..Happy fasting to all muslim..I hope I can do better this year (must go for terawih every night!!) and sorry Jun i may not be able to focust on you even though this is your month..so please bear with it yea..heh...Oh speaking of the new album, I’ve received it yesterday..when i arrived home from work, my mum passed me the album,i took it to my room and dance happily*yeah in my room, other wise my mum will think i’m crazy :) and of course i would dance,its hard to get the first press copy ne*..I only listened to all songs after i received my copy because i dun wanna to spoil the excitement.my favourite song is...ohno’s solo..yay i like it the moment i listen to it..ohno’s vocal is so beautiful.but i luv other’s solo as well. Ok i better sleep now..hav to wake up early for sahur...Happy Ramadhan...

Kawaii Riida!!


*eeh..i just realize i put too many 'happy' words here..btw it is happy month right :)*

Bon Odori

Jul. 21st, 2010 12:45 am
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Huhu...i went to Bon Odori on Saturday with kak Tora. It was my first experience. Never know about this festival before.The first thing that we did was bought lots of japanese food *onigiri,maccha,curry rice-yes ohno i bought it because u mention curry rice a lot during kaibutsu kun filming and since then i’m craving to eat japanese curry rice and also pino!*. gotta meet lots of arashian, but i’m a bit shy around them.it’s basicly because i meet them for the first time.so i’ll be more genki in the future :)..oh there were also lots of japanese people around me *of course.. that was bon odori syiena...*.saw lots of kawaii kodomo and had an urge to kidnap one of them.hehe..the chibi kid reminded me of sho.i really thought he resemble chibi sho.

Besides went to Bon Odori, i also went to Floria Festival in Putrajaya.and guess what?i meet arashi’s member there...hehe...sort of..

Pza....jgn jealous..hehe..

The cool chipmunk.cough*sho*cough

And then on Sunday, after my japanese class, i went to Book Xcess to visit Salwa. She’s been working there for a few months. I bought this lovely ‘purple book thong’*actually its a book mark*.yup i picked purple because i like Jun so much ;)

So that was my weekends. Its a bit tiring because i slept at 4.30 am and wake up at 6.40 am before went to Floria festival. Then i manage to sleep for a moment before went to Bon Odori*actually i slept for an hour but i consider it as a moment because i usually sleep a lot*. Reached home at 11 pm before doze off at 1230 am. I really wish i dun hav japanese class at 10 am on sunday, but what to do.. i still hav two more classes to go before proceed to the next level.so i had to force myself to get off the bed and went to class. Arashi kara, nihon-go benkyo shimasu!!!
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The fair will be held this Sunday (20 June) from 12pm ~ 5pm at Cititel Mid Valley. Room: Matahari III & IV, level 5. I'll be there around 1.30 pm. anyone going? we can meet and have some fangirling session ^^..
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The fair will be held this Sunday (20 June) from 12pm ~ 5pm at Cititel Mid Valley. Room: Matahari III & IV, level 5. I'll be there around 1.30 pm. anyone going? we can meet and have some fangirling session ^^..
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Otanjoubi omedetou Nino…

Neener..this is what I bought for your birthday.

Oh but it’s for me..not you..*grin*

Since you live so far away from me and your jimusho would return back my present for you, so I give you this….

You can do whatever you want to do with him. I know you already own him, but why don’t you make it official on your birthday…

Haha..just a tease..i’m at the office right now. just wanna relax for a while, take a break from doing my experiment..why so hard??i’d follow all the method from a journal but didn't succeed. Mr. Author…now I doubt whether your results really accurate or not. The accuracy of your results are 98%. Its really high you know..if still not succeed, I need to contact the corresponding author of the journal..bombarded him with questions..but the person that doing the experiment with me also give me headache..confusing me with her calculation..

Oh last Sunday, I went to KLCC with my friend. We haven’t meet for a month and we already missed each other..^^..so our plan was to have a massive lunch and went to Kinokuniya. I want to buy the Ooku manga and she want to buy a book to prepare herself for the JLPT. But then I end up buying Ooku and Arashi Around Asia photobook..There’s only 1 copy left, so I couldn’t help myself but to buy that book. I’m afraid that someone else will buy it and I’ll end up regret it. And now I can’t buy anything else. I have to sacrifice other thing for my beloved arashi..But its ok. I already got what I want for this month ^^. I also had received my new laptop from Dell. Yay!! Finally after suffering for a few months..now I can overdose myself with arashi..

So back to the main point..
I wish our dear Nino a happy...happy..birthday..i really wish you would announce your relationship with riida someday ^^..i couldn't wait to watch you in Ooku and Gantz.Please stay genki..don't forget to eat even when you're really2 busy with your work or DS..

A cheerful birthday boy with his lover and ex-lover..^^


Jun. 4th, 2010 06:51 pm
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OMG another car crashed!! Thank god that nino didn't injured...nearly got another heart attack when i read this..boys...please take care of urself. u guys really need a short break.too many works could harm u in many ways..injuring urself can really be painful to ur fans too.
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I’m back with a darker skin tone..huu..daijoubu..its the price u hav to pay to hav fun right.. I enjoyed my 5 days vacation in the island and my friend's house. I went for snorkeling and trekking in the island. It was so much fun burning myself under the sun. But I was so disappointed because I couldn’t see the turtle. I was a bit late as I tried to put on my goggle and when I jumped from the boat the turtle was already gone. I tried to catch up but the turtle was too fast. I should practice to swim faster and better (I’m not really good in swimming). Oh but i did saw sharks during snorkeling..they were small though..other wise i'll be swimming back to the boat ;). And when is my next trip to another island?? Haha..this is me.. I’ll start planning my next trip on every last day of my trip. My next aim is to search for the turtle in the middle of the sea. Yeah I dun wanna see them on the beach. I wanna see them swimming around the sea. It’ll be a very beautiful moment for me. ..Ahh..i forgot..i already plan for a trip this October ;)..So next trip to another island is gonna be in next year..

Argh.. a week without any news about Arashi really makes me miss them soo much. And when I’m back, I was really shock when I read about their latest single. So fast.. I don’t even receive my Monster CD yet. I haven’t heard any rumors about their upcoming single..and its only 1 song in it, and its from Sho’s cm!! I though they will include it in their next album. Argh…Johnny-san..u really know how to make money out of Arashi’s popularity.. why don’t u insert that song in Monster’s single..and what about their new album..i’m dying, waiting for their new album.. Eh wait a minute…I think I just complaining about being lonely after Monster right..haha.. I guess Johnny-san do aware about some fan like me…a fan that willing to spend their money for the sake of their fav artist. It’s ok wallet-chan..dont cry..u can be full again next month..after I get my salary, even though u’r full just for a moment before I buy other arashi goods..*I know I’m suck..but what to do..i luv Arashi very much*

Here’s some pics that I want to share..

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Tomorrow I’m going to Perhentian Island..yay!!couldn’t wait to burn myself under the sun..haha..though I’m already kuroi..i bet oh-chan must be jealous if he hear this.. its ok niisan..just hold urself for a few weeks and after shooting ended, u can burn urself .but not too burn huh..i luv ur skin now (and ur brown hair too ^_^), so apply more sunblock please...(same advice for me). So for this time, i’ll catch some fish for u..

Besides feels very excited to go for a vacation, I’m really itching right now (but not my wallet)..i wanna buy more arashi’s CDs…I miss the excitement of waiting for the CDs to arrive and luv the feeling watching the CDs pile up.. I bought arashi’s singles every month since last December (of course bought the old CDs as well..and yeah I broke each month..sigh). And after Monster, I start to feel kinda lonely..he..i need the excitement..yeah so bye2 to u too money..i’m gonna buy another CD and Arashi minna-san…new album please….(an album not a single Johnny-san!!). Yeah this is my problem, always feel lonely and hoping for the guys to cheer me up..so syiena..please find urself a boyfriend.. or else u will end up just having 5 ikemen bf that lives far away from u…waaa…
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Yesterday activities:

6-7 pm: ping-pong game
8-9 pm: squash game
9-10pm: badminton game

3 hours of game = tired & super sleepy at work

Staff’s sports day will begin next week. This year I participate in badminton and volley ball. While last year I participated in volley ball, 4x100m and 4x400m. For 4x100m, we make it to the final but didn’t win, and for 4x400m we won the silver medal. So should practice harder this year so that we could win the badminton and volley ball game.

Today, I’m gonna practice again. just hope that I don’t fall asleep during work hour tomorrow.

Oh last Saturday, we had 5x10 flailing session, organized by salwa. It was super fun. I meet new arashian and sang along throughout the screening. When I went to my jap class on the next day, I realized that I had mild sore throat. he…I wonder if I really got a chance to go to arashi’s concert, I might lost my voice for a couple of day. Hope this wish will come true one day..Arashi daisuki!!!

small group of arashian

we love you JUN!!


Apr. 13th, 2010 07:40 pm
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received my copy of 5x10 dvd today....

after few days, struggling to keep myself from watching the dvd clips from youtube,now i'm going to stick my butt in front of the screen to watch my boys..yeah i'm not going to lie about me watched some of the dvd clips, but i do try not to watch all of it, because i don't want to spoil the excitement, being able to watch the full concert..*i know its just the dvd, not the real concert, but i still feel really excited \0/*


Apr. 9th, 2010 03:26 pm
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I hate it when people questioning my hobbies/interest/fandom. What’s wrong if i like something? If I spend money/time, doing what I like, it’s up to me right. It’s my money/life btw. I never questioned others hobbies because I hate it when people do that to me. Every person has her/his own hobbies/interest. I never disturb people*not an arashian* with my fandom because I know only arashian loves to talk about arashi/japan thing. Urgh…. I love arashi, I never regret spending money/time fangirling them. Why do my friend keep asking ‘why do you like them?’ / ‘why you are always listening to Japan music?’ in a very annoying way. I never questioned her hobbies even though it requires a lot of money. And because I hate it when she keep asking me that Q, I always avoid listening/reading arashi’s related web/mag in front of her. But it’s annoyed me when I’m not free to do what I like whenever I like. But I couldn’t help it because I can get really pissed off if someone asks me that Q. SO PEOPLE…DO NOT QUESTIONED MY FANDOM OK!! My fandom never affects your life. I used my own money/never borrow money from others/do not talk about arashi if you don’t like them. MY LIFE IS MINE, so I can do whatever I like as long as it doesn’t harm me/you.


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