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Happy 29th birthday Oh-Chan (but you still look 18 to me)…. *here your present-fishing rods or do you want a boat?*

Sorry for the late wish ;). Its not that I forgotten your birthday, I just couldn’t find time to write this wish yesterday (in fact I remember it a few days earlier).

My wishes for your birthday are; stay cute as you are now, please don’t change (your attitude and etc) and please don’t get your skin burn more. I know about your fishing hobby, but please take care of your skin. I don’t want the tanned skin makes you look older. Maybe we can go fishing together at night ne to minimize your tanned look (I really mean it. hehe..).

I really hope that one day you’ll come to Malaysia (of course with other arashi member). Then I’ll bring you to an amazing island here to catch squid (in Malaysia we call it candat sotong). It’s really amazing to catch squid in the middle of the night just using a string. Hope that you’ll getting hook up with this thing and refuse to go back to Japan (what a dream hehe..).

About Ohno Satoshi…Right now he is my second favourite arashi member (don't worry Jun, you're still my ichiban). I just couldn’t handle his kawaiiness. Even Nino couldn’t handle it right *nods*. For me, he had the image of the youngest member even though he is the oldest. He is chou kawaii (see.. I’ve told you, I couldn’t handle it). I like his great voice, carefree attitude, ‘spaced out face’ and also his cute eyebrow. I think his carefree attitude that holds everyone in arashi together and because of this, everyone in arashi was never fought. And another thing is I adore the Ohmiya pair. hehe.. They look very cute together. Even though sometimes I feel like Nino was over do ‘it’ and Ohno becomes his victim, but in the end I feel happy to see their rabu-rabu feeling.

Finally…Ohno-kun…anata daisuki…. ;)


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