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I went to Hong Kong last week and came back to malaysia on wednesday. It was an awesome 5 days trip.i went to Disneyland, Ocean Park, Avenue of Stars,Mongkok,Kowloon and Macau(to ride on a gondola ^^).my original plan was to go to all the tourist attraction but i dun wanna miss the opportunity to buy arashi goods while i’m in HK(i know HK has lotsa japanese stuff).so i went to search for the stuff on my last day in HK(i missed the chance to go to madame taussauds but i dun care ^^).

After breakfast, i walked to Sino Centre(not so far from my hotel, just 3/4 blocks away) but i'm a bit frustrated coz the mall will only be opened at 11 am and i had to wait(i thought the mall opening hour was same as in Malaysia *10am*). At 11 am, there were only 2 shops opened and the shop owner said the rest of the shops will be opened at 1 pm *sigh*.so i just bought arashi’s CDs and DVD from that shop and decided to go somewhere else before went back to sino centre so that i can buy more arashi stuff.after tour,i arrived at the hotel around 5pm (i asked my friends to wait for me at the hotel) and rushed to Sino Centre as we need to gather at the airport around 7pm (we were divided into 2 groups-1 group went to madame taussauds and 1 group were free to go anywhere).in sino centre i found lotsa magazines/photobooks which were cheaper compare to here,in malaysia and lotsa arashi’s CDs and DVDs.i went crazy and bought lotsa stuff (i wish i could bought more but i didnt brought enough money).i totally forgot that i had limited time and bam!!its almost 6.20pm.i ran back to the hotel and found that all my friends (yup both groups) were already waited for me in front of the hotel.they were really mad at me and almost went to malaysia embassy coz they thought that i’m lost.huhu..sorry guys..that’s the impact on arashi’s fans when we saw lotsa arashi’s stuff-we forgot about other things ^^.luckily my friends already check in for me and we safely arrived at the airport on time.the best part was our flight was delayed!!*mr pilot knows that i need more time to spend my money..thank u..*.here's the pics of CDs/DVD/mags that i managed to get in hk ^^


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