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I’ve watched this movie and didn’t like it though. Somehow the 3D effects didn’t amuse me and I didn’t like the storyline. I still wonder why Alice is the only person who can defeat Jabberwock & the reason behind the Red Queen evil act. I like Johnny depp very much, that’s the reason I watched it. He’s the sexiest man alive after all (after Jun of course) and my favorite actor. Thank god he’s there, almost in the entire movie or else I’d be bored. This movie is typically ‘Tim Burton movie’. Imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and you’ll know what I mean. Luckily I’m johnny’s fan and I do like some of Tim Burton’s movie, so I kinda can accept this movie.

The funny thing was I took a lot of pictures *wearing those 3D glasses* before the movie started and I took the pictures in the cinema with a camera! At first I saw several people took pictures with their handphone and I decided to took pictures as well with my camera*with flash XD* since its kinda blurry to take picture using handphone in dark surrounding. I didn’t care about what other people might think but hoped the cinema’s staff didn’t kick me out of the cinema XD. After a lots of ‘taking picture session’ & giggling with my friend, I looked around & found out a lot of people were also took pictures with their camera. This guy sit next to me even used his SLR camera. I said to my friend: This is the first time I see a lot of people take pictures with camera in cinema, its forbidden right? *but I think I started it first heh*. If the staff caught all of us, who’s left in the cinema is kak long. She’s the only person without camera. *kak long is my friend & she had to sit separately because the movie was full house…at 10.30pm on weekdays..grr..*


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