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Few days ago while looking for arashi related clips on youtube, i accidently found T-Max clips fanboying our boy. They looked really cute dancing to arashi's love so sweet.i'm not really into K-pop but i guess i'm gonna started to listen to them as well *i like them mainly because they like arashi ^_^*. i like their song 'fight this bad feeling' very much and had been listening to this song along with arashi song all day long. i watched BOF before but didn't remember this song until i search for T-Max's song and realise the song is actually BOF ost. hehe.. i guess i'm not really into BOF and missed that song. I know Kim Hyung Joon is from T-Max but because he is my least favourite F4, i didn't bother to know more about T-Max. But now he is my favourite T-Max member XD. By the way his name is similar to my ichiban.. Jun = Joon and he likes Jun too *yay hugs Joon for loving my Jun*. He even call himself Matsumoto Hyung Joon *he just like us, trying to put our ichiban name into our name ^_^*. but each time i watch him singing, he remind me of sho. maybe bacause they sing the rap part.

I'm still struggling to keep my arashi's dose daily enough. my laptop is still broken and i really want to buy another one but i have to dig money from somewhere to get one. hehe..yes i'm really poor right now. or anyone has extra laptop? ^_^.
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I’ve watched this movie and didn’t like it though. Somehow the 3D effects didn’t amuse me and I didn’t like the storyline. I still wonder why Alice is the only person who can defeat Jabberwock & the reason behind the Red Queen evil act. I like Johnny depp very much, that’s the reason I watched it. He’s the sexiest man alive after all (after Jun of course) and my favorite actor. Thank god he’s there, almost in the entire movie or else I’d be bored. This movie is typically ‘Tim Burton movie’. Imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and you’ll know what I mean. Luckily I’m johnny’s fan and I do like some of Tim Burton’s movie, so I kinda can accept this movie.

The funny thing was I took a lot of pictures *wearing those 3D glasses* before the movie started and I took the pictures in the cinema with a camera! At first I saw several people took pictures with their handphone and I decided to took pictures as well with my camera*with flash XD* since its kinda blurry to take picture using handphone in dark surrounding. I didn’t care about what other people might think but hoped the cinema’s staff didn’t kick me out of the cinema XD. After a lots of ‘taking picture session’ & giggling with my friend, I looked around & found out a lot of people were also took pictures with their camera. This guy sit next to me even used his SLR camera. I said to my friend: This is the first time I see a lot of people take pictures with camera in cinema, its forbidden right? *but I think I started it first heh*. If the staff caught all of us, who’s left in the cinema is kak long. She’s the only person without camera. *kak long is my friend & she had to sit separately because the movie was full house…at 10.30pm on weekdays..grr..*
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1. Did anyone noticed jun’s arms @ music station. So hot ne.. kya!!! *I just can’t let my eyes off his arms and ignoring the talk*. I think he purposely shows off his arms. So now he can steal our attention from staring at sho’s arms ne.. His body looks so yummy to me. heh.. He really transform from skinny boy to masculine man ne. Oh Jun…why are you never fail to make my heart go dokky dokky..i think this night I wanna sleep with jun’s uchiwa again.hee.. *while imagining that it is really him. kya!!*. Oh and the yama moment…soo cute.

2. I took this quiz and this is the results:

RankArashi Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

This is how I always ranked them but sometimes I really can’t rank them as I love them all.

The reason I love them

JUN – He is so cute, beautiful, ikemen. There’s no word that can describe how good looking he is to me. He’s good in acting too. He’s really serious while working regardless for his solo activities or group activities. He is my bait to arashi fandom and he’ll forever be my ichiban.

OHNO- He is so humble and laid back. I think he is the most humble leader I’ve ever know. He has great voice, so talented in art, dancing & acting (& fishing maybe.hehe) but never claim that he is genius or talented and said all of this is a result from his hard training and practices. I wouldn’t change you for any other leader. Love you riida…

SHO- loves him being so baka playing games in variety shows and so cool being the news caster. Watching him doing both thing and then think of the gap is so cute to me.

NINO – I love his deep thought in interviews. He is such a brat but being really deep in expressing his thought makes me impress and respect him more. And I also love watching him bullying riida. I can sense his love for riida :)

AIBA – I love how he honestly conveys his emotion, being so high spirit if he is happy and cries if he is sad/happy.

3. Its 6.45 p.m already. I have to go now *i actually dont wanna go home now!!i need my arashi, can i take this pc home?*. It’s sad to think that I’ll be suffering for another week, lacking of arashi’s love.
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Waa….it’s more than a week since my laptop had broken down. I’m lack of arashi’s infos. I need them as my daily supplement (more than my vitamins).hu..

I only manage to read my friends entry on lj for a few minutes before started my work this past few days. Can’t took a long time to surf the net or my boss will kill me. So anyone willing to lend me their laptop? Please…so that I can surf the net at home..*puppy eyes*

And right now I’m at my office, on weekend. Trying to do work but I haven’t started any yet and I guess I might not start to do my work since I need to get update infos about arashi. hehe..I can do this today as my boss is not around. Sorry bos..

So minna…I wanna to continue stalking arashi..ja ne
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I nearly faint while watching araoke in youtube. My heart is beating so fast. Wondering how would I react if arashi really appeared while I sang their song.*faint again*.kya!!! Should I hug Jun? or just stand there speechless?*I can be speechless if I’m really shock*or crying like an idiot?*who wouldn't if they meet their love one?*

Arashi’s fan in Japan really lucky ne..they had the chance to see them alive. We’re overseas fan can just look at them through internet or some lucky fan can go to their concert.wish I can be that lucky someday.. :)
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All the CDs were arrived few days ago. now just waiting for the con goods and troublemaker CD to arrive.Need to start saving money to buy other arashis goods.*go checking my acc balance*

The CDs

Poster from Jidai CD
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i had to cover my mouth, trying not to scream so hard (or else my family would be shock)..they are really sugoi..great performance.they can't performed without sho ne.i really enjoyed the performance.*thumbs up* i love both song.LOL at jun,walking through sho :)

Jun really cute..loves his hair
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I felt so surprised and worried as I read the news this morning. I quickly search for more infos regarding to this accident and felt sooo relieved that he was unharmed, although his car’s bumper was damaged. But on the other side, I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what if I was the one that involved in the car accident with matsujun . Wooo.. I’m definitely asked for his contact number for the so call ‘to settle the damage cost’. But I’m probably wont ask for his money (of course I wont get angry if he hit my car) but I want to ask him to be friend with me (huhu…I can imagine he turned into DoS mode, thinking WTH).

Seriously I do hope that all arashi members will take good care of themselves. Please don’t make your fan worried and nearly had heart attack (like I do).

Love u guys sooo much… ~chu~
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I really spend a lot of money this month, buying lots of arashi goodies. I already ordered con goodies from salwa and arashi CDs from je_for8ver and j_halo7. i'm totally in the mood to buy arashi goodies right now. wah...its getting dangerous (for my pocket) as i couldnt stop searching for arashi stuff. ok syiena..go to bed need to wake up early 2mrw for work (& stop spending your money).

so for the next few months, i cant buy new clothes( it really gonna happen).as for now i'll be waiting patiently for my goodies to arrive.

And to my dear sho, happy belated birtday. my saliva still drools *staring at your annan photos* hehe...
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Yatta….now we are entering the month of sakurai sho..minna.. lets start the countdown towards ‘the day’.

I hav to start watching/staring at sho pics/videos and looking for more info about him. *yup.. I’m a 2 job girl..a researcher and a stalker*
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Wishing happy new year to all my friends and arashian all over the world. Lets celebrate arashi’s 11th year with full of happiness. My resolutions for 2010:

1) Doing great in my job (yup sometimes I’m quite lost/stress). Hope that I can get lots of ideas for my research and be more focus on work (yes syiena..please work hard so that next year you can start planning on furthering study).

2) Find myself a boyfriend or maybe a future husband ;). Haha… this is the first time that I hav this kind of resolution. But I’m not sure if I’m really ready to get married. Lots of thought like if I’m married, can I still continue all my activities and plans.. travel, sports, arashi fandom, study abroad.. and also thought like I’m still young??haha…yeah. i’m still young at heart. Age is just a number right..

3) Learn japanese. Yup I’m thinking of learning japanese seriously. Actually I had already learned some basic japanese on my own. Thanks to my fandom of arashi, jdrama and anime. I’m also wish that I can further my study in japan *pray hard for this*.

4) Lose some weight. I had put some kilos in 2009 and I’ve to lose those evil fat.. It’s getting scarier to see my recent pictures and myself in front of mirror!! Not to mention my *getting tighter clothes*..sigh.. All thanks to my ‘eat all you want’ attitude and less sport activities..

Kinda lots of resolutions for this year. heh..

My wishes for Arashi:

1) Keep up your pace. I want to see more and more of arashi in 2010. But please take care of your health even you guys hav lots of work load. Just take works that you guys manage to do ok. *I’ve notice that sho is getting skinnier, is it because of too much work load?*

2) Stay the same.. I love your bakaness, dorkyness, kakkoiiness, fan service… everything about you guys makes my heart melts.

3) When is the next asia tour concert? I’m dying to go to your concert and yet I don’t hav enough money to go to japan for your concert.. about you? What’s your resolution for this 2010?

p/s: happy belated birthday to aiba chan…yes I know this is quite late. Gomen ne.. of course i’m not forgotten your birthday. I'm just not online this past few days..
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Yesterday was totally Oh-Chan day (although it’s a day late). I read lots of fan comments about Oh-Chan, watched lots of videos and discover lots of his photos that I’ve never saw before till early morning. Its totally crazy..i’m going from kya…to jaw dropped…to the extend of…nearly nose bleed..(especially when I saw the transparent outfit photos..almost faint..kya..)

And yesterday I’ve changed my desktop background from the wallpaper that I made myself to the birthday boy wallpaper (it’s actually a drawing that aozora_midori did. thanks girl for the lovely drawing). Now I still want to continue Oh-Chan celebration for another day. I guest I still craving for our riida ne..

My older wallpaper

The new wallpaper
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Happy 29th birthday Oh-Chan (but you still look 18 to me)…. *here your present-fishing rods or do you want a boat?*

Sorry for the late wish ;). Its not that I forgotten your birthday, I just couldn’t find time to write this wish yesterday (in fact I remember it a few days earlier).

My wishes for your birthday are; stay cute as you are now, please don’t change (your attitude and etc) and please don’t get your skin burn more. I know about your fishing hobby, but please take care of your skin. I don’t want the tanned skin makes you look older. Maybe we can go fishing together at night ne to minimize your tanned look (I really mean it. hehe..).

I really hope that one day you’ll come to Malaysia (of course with other arashi member). Then I’ll bring you to an amazing island here to catch squid (in Malaysia we call it candat sotong). It’s really amazing to catch squid in the middle of the night just using a string. Hope that you’ll getting hook up with this thing and refuse to go back to Japan (what a dream hehe..).

About Ohno Satoshi…Right now he is my second favourite arashi member (don't worry Jun, you're still my ichiban). I just couldn’t handle his kawaiiness. Even Nino couldn’t handle it right *nods*. For me, he had the image of the youngest member even though he is the oldest. He is chou kawaii (see.. I’ve told you, I couldn’t handle it). I like his great voice, carefree attitude, ‘spaced out face’ and also his cute eyebrow. I think his carefree attitude that holds everyone in arashi together and because of this, everyone in arashi was never fought. And another thing is I adore the Ohmiya pair. hehe.. They look very cute together. Even though sometimes I feel like Nino was over do ‘it’ and Ohno becomes his victim, but in the end I feel happy to see their rabu-rabu feeling.

Finally…Ohno-kun…anata daisuki…. ;)
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Part of Attack it song....

"We’re running Tomenaide kannin
Kokoro nusunda orera wa hannin
Mawari ga kanshin “Anshin no danshi” Tsudotte joshi Jumping
We’re running Sorry but don’t stop us.
We are criminals for stealing your heart.
People around us show interest. “Relieved boys” and Girls gather Jumping"

YES!!! You guys are the first criminals that I love!!
Especially my ichiban jun :)

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Yay!!! my very first entry. finally...

i hav my acount for months now but finally today i'm posting my first entry.hehe... the reason is, i'm too lazy to write and keep giving an excuse that i'm too busy to correct my thesis and do my work. but now i've already submitted my thesis and been so lazy to write a journal, so i think this is the best time to start posting my entry.heh..

How do i get to know livejournal? all thanks to ARASHI!! i've been so addicted to this group since last year. its been nearly a year i get to know arashi. i always love to watch japanese drama and movies, but i couldnt recall if i ever watched any arashi member drama before this. then i watched hana yori dango and became interested to know more about the actors especially the one that acted as doumyoji since i also like dao ming sze of meteor garden very much. i'm so surprise to know that this person is also a singer! its different from the image that i had about him as doumyoji. then i started to find out more about arashi, watched their concert through youtube and am so impressed with their performance. they hav a lot of energy and seem to hav a lot of fun interacted  with their fans. and i search more on arashi, discover their variety shows and yay..i started to fall in love with arashi. they never fail to make me happy. when i'm depressed or sad, i will watch their shows and laugh hard and feel very relieved.

so that it for my first entry. i will try to post my entry again next time. lets hope that i can kill my lazziness.hehe..


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