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Jul. 21st, 2010 12:45 am
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Huhu...i went to Bon Odori on Saturday with kak Tora. It was my first experience. Never know about this festival before.The first thing that we did was bought lots of japanese food *onigiri,maccha,curry rice-yes ohno i bought it because u mention curry rice a lot during kaibutsu kun filming and since then i’m craving to eat japanese curry rice and also pino!*. gotta meet lots of arashian, but i’m a bit shy around’s basicly because i meet them for the first i’ll be more genki in the future :)..oh there were also lots of japanese people around me *of course.. that was bon odori syiena...*.saw lots of kawaii kodomo and had an urge to kidnap one of them.hehe..the chibi kid reminded me of sho.i really thought he resemble chibi sho.

Besides went to Bon Odori, i also went to Floria Festival in Putrajaya.and guess what?i meet arashi’s member there...hehe...sort of..

Pza....jgn jealous..hehe..

The cool chipmunk.cough*sho*cough

And then on Sunday, after my japanese class, i went to Book Xcess to visit Salwa. She’s been working there for a few months. I bought this lovely ‘purple book thong’*actually its a book mark*.yup i picked purple because i like Jun so much ;)

So that was my weekends. Its a bit tiring because i slept at 4.30 am and wake up at 6.40 am before went to Floria festival. Then i manage to sleep for a moment before went to Bon Odori*actually i slept for an hour but i consider it as a moment because i usually sleep a lot*. Reached home at 11 pm before doze off at 1230 am. I really wish i dun hav japanese class at 10 am on sunday, but what to do.. i still hav two more classes to go before proceed to the next i had to force myself to get off the bed and went to class. Arashi kara, nihon-go benkyo shimasu!!!

Date: 2010-07-20 11:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
owh yeah? Syiena do meet "Ninomiya" there? hehhehe =)) *is gelak guling² I wish can meet them.The dream is: meet them "here" at Malaysia.Hope the dream come true ne~ *penah termimpi jumpa ngan Arashi kat Midvalley?Then g shoping sama²?hahahhaha lawaks~

Date: 2010-07-21 10:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
pza mimpi jmpe sape?all arashi member or nino?

hu..dlu penah gak mimpi arashi tp mimpi ohmiya..dlm mimpi 2 duk sibuk tanye kt diaorg psl jun.kirenye duk sibuk korek rahsia jun dr diaorg..

but if in real life dpt jmpe ohmiya maunye tergamam or *terpeluk* diaorg-actually letak ter- as if x sengaja wpun sebenarnye mmg niat nak peluk diaorg.he..
but lepas bangun tdo mmg disappointed la x dpt mimpi jun..hua...

Date: 2010-07-21 05:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
All 5 members....paling sbnrnyer depa nk kena perform kat konsert dah then; depa "lari", g Midvalley.Terserempak lak ngan sy then ajak g b'shoping sama. Ada lak beberapa fangirl ni hah dok senyum²gelak² tp cm takut nk approach? Sy lak rasa hebat bejalan bersama Arashi...bulleh?? hahahhah lawaks~

Tp tak menahan satu g mimpi ni hah. G kenduri kawen rumah sedara-mara Aiba (cmner tau tu sedara-mara Aiba?Itu tak tau) tp Aiba nyer takde...jmpa la ngan mak Aiba kat situ. Tiba² ada lak dragon terbang² serang then mendarat smbl tngkap ayam kat pasar?(cmner tiba² ada kat pasar pn tak tau) Pastu tiba² Aiba muncul ajak lari sama².Apakah? Tak paham langsung kaitan.Harharhar *gelak guling²* huhuhu panjang ye komen kali nieh...(^_^) layan kan saje


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