Apr. 2nd, 2010

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Few days ago while looking for arashi related clips on youtube, i accidently found T-Max clips fanboying our boy. They looked really cute dancing to arashi's love so sweet.i'm not really into K-pop but i guess i'm gonna started to listen to them as well *i like them mainly because they like arashi ^_^*. i like their song 'fight this bad feeling' very much and had been listening to this song along with arashi song all day long. i watched BOF before but didn't remember this song until i search for T-Max's song and realise the song is actually BOF ost. hehe.. i guess i'm not really into BOF and missed that song. I know Kim Hyung Joon is from T-Max but because he is my least favourite F4, i didn't bother to know more about T-Max. But now he is my favourite T-Max member XD. By the way his name is similar to my ichiban.. Jun = Joon and he likes Jun too *yay hugs Joon for loving my Jun*. He even call himself Matsumoto Hyung Joon *he just like us, trying to put our ichiban name into our name ^_^*. but each time i watch him singing, he remind me of sho. maybe bacause they sing the rap part.

I'm still struggling to keep my arashi's dose daily enough. my laptop is still broken and i really want to buy another one but i have to dig money from somewhere to get one. hehe..yes i'm really poor right now. or anyone has extra laptop? ^_^.


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