Mar. 7th, 2010

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Waa….it’s more than a week since my laptop had broken down. I’m lack of arashi’s infos. I need them as my daily supplement (more than my vitamins).hu..

I only manage to read my friends entry on lj for a few minutes before started my work this past few days. Can’t took a long time to surf the net or my boss will kill me. So anyone willing to lend me their laptop? Please…so that I can surf the net at home..*puppy eyes*

And right now I’m at my office, on weekend. Trying to do work but I haven’t started any yet and I guess I might not start to do my work since I need to get update infos about arashi. hehe..I can do this today as my boss is not around. Sorry bos..

So minna…I wanna to continue stalking arashi..ja ne
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1. Did anyone noticed jun’s arms @ music station. So hot ne.. kya!!! *I just can’t let my eyes off his arms and ignoring the talk*. I think he purposely shows off his arms. So now he can steal our attention from staring at sho’s arms ne.. His body looks so yummy to me. heh.. He really transform from skinny boy to masculine man ne. Oh Jun…why are you never fail to make my heart go dokky dokky..i think this night I wanna sleep with jun’s uchiwa again.hee.. *while imagining that it is really him. kya!!*. Oh and the yama moment…soo cute.

2. I took this quiz and this is the results:

RankArashi Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

This is how I always ranked them but sometimes I really can’t rank them as I love them all.

The reason I love them

JUN – He is so cute, beautiful, ikemen. There’s no word that can describe how good looking he is to me. He’s good in acting too. He’s really serious while working regardless for his solo activities or group activities. He is my bait to arashi fandom and he’ll forever be my ichiban.

OHNO- He is so humble and laid back. I think he is the most humble leader I’ve ever know. He has great voice, so talented in art, dancing & acting (& fishing maybe.hehe) but never claim that he is genius or talented and said all of this is a result from his hard training and practices. I wouldn’t change you for any other leader. Love you riida…

SHO- loves him being so baka playing games in variety shows and so cool being the news caster. Watching him doing both thing and then think of the gap is so cute to me.

NINO – I love his deep thought in interviews. He is such a brat but being really deep in expressing his thought makes me impress and respect him more. And I also love watching him bullying riida. I can sense his love for riida :)

AIBA – I love how he honestly conveys his emotion, being so high spirit if he is happy and cries if he is sad/happy.

3. Its 6.45 p.m already. I have to go now *i actually dont wanna go home now!!i need my arashi, can i take this pc home?*. It’s sad to think that I’ll be suffering for another week, lacking of arashi’s love.


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