Jan. 1st, 2010

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Wishing happy new year to all my friends and arashian all over the world. Lets celebrate arashi’s 11th year with full of happiness. My resolutions for 2010:

1) Doing great in my job (yup sometimes I’m quite lost/stress). Hope that I can get lots of ideas for my research and be more focus on work (yes syiena..please work hard so that next year you can start planning on furthering study).

2) Find myself a boyfriend or maybe a future husband ;). Haha… this is the first time that I hav this kind of resolution. But I’m not sure if I’m really ready to get married. Lots of thought like if I’m married, can I still continue all my activities and plans.. travel, sports, arashi fandom, study abroad.. and also thought like I’m still young??haha…yeah. i’m still young at heart. Age is just a number right..

3) Learn japanese. Yup I’m thinking of learning japanese seriously. Actually I had already learned some basic japanese on my own. Thanks to my fandom of arashi, jdrama and anime. I’m also wish that I can further my study in japan *pray hard for this*.

4) Lose some weight. I had put some kilos in 2009 and I’ve to lose those evil fat.. It’s getting scarier to see my recent pictures and myself in front of mirror!! Not to mention my *getting tighter clothes*..sigh.. All thanks to my ‘eat all you want’ attitude and less sport activities..

Kinda lots of resolutions for this year. heh..

My wishes for Arashi:

1) Keep up your pace. I want to see more and more of arashi in 2010. But please take care of your health even you guys hav lots of work load. Just take works that you guys manage to do ok. *I’ve notice that sho is getting skinnier, is it because of too much work load?*

2) Stay the same.. I love your bakaness, dorkyness, kakkoiiness, fan service… everything about you guys makes my heart melts.

3) When is the next asia tour concert? I’m dying to go to your concert and yet I don’t hav enough money to go to japan for your concert..

So..how about you? What’s your resolution for this 2010?

p/s: happy belated birthday to aiba chan…yes I know this is quite late. Gomen ne.. of course i’m not forgotten your birthday. I'm just not online this past few days..
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Yatta….now we are entering the month of sakurai sho..minna.. lets start the countdown towards ‘the day’.

I hav to start watching/staring at sho pics/videos and looking for more info about him. *yup.. I’m a 2 job girl..a researcher and a stalker*


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